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We are a unique school designed for students who wish to practice and perfect their oral and written communication in French while discovering the cultural references shared by all French people.

The school that introduces you to the French cultural references you’ve always wanted to know!

The promises of our courses
  • Feel at ease discussing art, architecture, historical figures, literature

  • Understand idiomatic expressions.
  • More easily navigate day-to-day life in France.

Why register with us?

New residents in France often encounter practical questions related as much to vocabulary or grammar as to the cultural references included in everyday speech. For example, how would you interpret this dialogue between two French colleagues in the office?

It’s not a question of whether to kiss each other or how many baguettes the French eat each year (well, we talk about that too, but only in part 6 of the “French Society” course). Culture in France is what French children learn from elementary school (8- 10 years old) to higher education, and which they then share as implicit references in their personal or professional conversations. We want you to feel comfortable in these situations, to recognize a reference and comment on it, to engage in conversation in a museum in front of a painting, to know what to say to a waiter who says “That’s not the Berezina!” when he spills your macchiato…. all this is culture in France!

Knowing how to defend one’s case in front of French administrations, being able to argue in front of an officer, being able to lead a meeting in French, trusting oneself when one has to take one of the most complex language tests (the DALF), reading the press, better understanding current events (Why was a French President called a “Tartuffe” by a political opponent? What does it mean?)… Walking around Paris and identifying the monuments and their history also requires culture!

And to share this culture, what better than perfect pronunciation and argumentation? Our school offers three language courses to help you perfect them: Eloquence, Oral Expression through theater and Written Expression.

Finally, as a complement, a course exploring the four skills will give you the keys to success in DALF C1 or C2.

Learn French Culture gives you the keys to understanding and using these cultural references and offers students from all over the world an education in French language, diction and civilization adapted to contemporary issues.

Come and share French culture!

Unique Development Experience

Learn French Culture, we are committed to the excellence and seriousness of our teaching: thanks to an attentive and personalized follow-up, a demanding and refined level of language, we offer you a unique experience of improvement that will enrich you and give you confidence in your practice of French.

Learn French Culture, the school of French culture that also allows you to improve your language skills.

Experience in teaching French culture and civilization

Lucie Chauveau

Learn French Culture was founded in 2019 with a unique pedagogical approach: using culture as a base for mastering the practice of the French language.

Founded on the need to understand the society in which we live, this school open to the world responds to your curiosity for history and artistic movements, familiarizes you with French cultural heritage and socio-political contexts, and gives you the keys to deciphering and mastering the subtleties of the French language and idiomatic expressions used every day.


Today, the excellence of this teaching is within your reach!




Reduced number of students to facilitate teaching/learning.


Adaptation of the content of each course to the expectations of the students enrolled.

Use of easy-to-remember teaching materials based on daily life situations.

Numerous opportunities for discussions so that students can learn from one another.

Learn French Culture, classes are held in small groups (maximum 8 students for specialty language courses).

We meet and exceed the expectations of the students, with course material specially adapted to the level and needs of each individual. After each course, the material used and summaries are sent to the students.

No need to buy textbooks or material : all are included in the fees !

Learn French Culture, combines the pleasure of sharing students’ experiences in a group with the quality of a personalized course.

Advantages of our courses


100% distance courses and small groups of up to 8 participants with the same language level.


Efficient, flexible and pragmatic learning, with course materials adapted to the students’ needs and to distance courses.


Teachers with extensive experience in French culture and education


A unique mix of culture, analysis of French society, and language practice.

Lucie Chauveau


A graduate of Sciences-Po Paris and the University of Paris X Law School, Lucie first worked as a consultant in marketing, communication and human resources strategy for large international companies, which gave her a complete professional experience of speaking in public and writing synthetic documents. She turned exclusively to teaching French in 2005 after having passed the DAEFLE (Diploma in Teaching French as a Foreign Language) at the Alliance Française in Paris. Lucie also completed two years of coursework in art and architectural history at the Ecole du Louvre. Her teaching experience includes working with students of Grandes Ecoles (HEC Paris, Sciences Po, U Penn – Wharton School, Georgetown University…), International Organizations high level executives and diplomats. 

Her pedagogical approach is based on the respect of the pace at which each student learns, a pragmatic approach (no grammar without reason) and attention to results, in a teaching atmosphere based on shared pleasure.

Since the creation of Learn French Culture, the majority of students have re-enrolled in another course to prolong the joy of their discoveries. Their loyalty is the most beautiful recognition!

Come and share French culture!

Discover the cultural references learned by all French people, from elementary school to higher education.

Feel comfortable in everyday situations and social events.

mprove your pronunciation and identify the subtleties of the French language.

Know how to facilitate a professional meeting in French.

Master the French method of argumentation to lead a debate…

Defend your case in front of the French administration during your institutional steps in a debate…

Pass the tests to obtain your DiplÎme de langue française (DALF).

Finally a school that will allow you to immerse yourself in French culture and society!

How do I register?

Choose your course and fill out the registration form.
Send the form, and we will contact you to let you know if there is still room and the procedure to follow to finalize your registration.
Attend the course following the instructions received by email.

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