Writing workshop

(B2 to C2) – Courses taught in French
Course objective

Produce personal and professional written content ranging from the simple to the complex.

Combine individual tutorials and corrections with crossfertilization of collective courses

Course Content

Work on personal or professional content (e.g. minutes of meetings, professional emails, summaries of documents), with examples related to different economic sectors.

Master the art of communicating with French authorities to facilitate daily life in France.

Teaching material

Provided by the teacher.

Student’s documents.

Days and hours

(28 hours : 12 hours total in class + 10 hours individual corrections  + 6 hours of one to one tutorials)

New session!

Registrations opened!


From 08 October to 17 December 2024

Collective courses: Every Other Tuesday


08 and 22 Oct., 05 and 19 Nov., 03 and 17 Dec.

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Individual corrections (10h) and one-to-one tutorials (6h): schedule to be determined with the each student until December 31, 2024

€ 320

(16h total):

New session!

Registrations opened!


From 03 to 24 July 2024 (10h)


4h collective courses + 6h private tutoring (schedule to be determined with the each student until 31st July 2024)

Wednesdays, 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm


€ 155

Practical information

Do you have to write work notes in French on a regular basis? Do you intend to change jobs and need to write cover letters? You are a researcher and publish articles? …. Who corrects your text?


The semester writing workshop (28h) is based on regular practice of writing that requires a personal project: the nature of the project is not important; it can be personal, professional, serious, playful, etc…


The semester workshop combines :

  • 12h of group classes per Zoom starting 08th October, 2024, to work on writing questions common to the group
  • 10 hours of individual corrections and interactions by email (can start as soon as you register to the Autumn 2024 course) on the texts that you produce in your work environment or for your personal projects during this semestre, and
  • 6 hours of tutoring by Zoom (can start as soon as 15th September, 2024), for an analysis of your writing and personalized advice on rewriting

The intensive courses (10h) is dedicated to group and individual writing practice and remediation.

Modality: Videoconferencing and remote independent work.

Levels: B2 to C2 (groups of homogeneous levels).

How do I register?

Choose your course and fill out the registration form.
Send the form, and we will contact you to let you know if there is still room and the procedure to follow to finalize your registration.
Attend the course following the instructions received by email.

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