French Culture

(B2 to C2) – Courses taught in French

Course objective

French Culture: from the year 52 BC… until today…

An extensive panorama of history, and artistic and cultural references used in everyday French language.

Course Content


  • Know the must-see works of art, and feel more at ease when you are exposed to works of art, architecture, historical figures, literature, etc.
  • Become familiar with the events, works, artists and characters still alive today in French memory.
  • Recognize architectural styles and better understand the buildings in French cities.
  • Recognize at first glance the author of a painting or a sculpture – even when the painting is parodied for an advertisement in the subway.
  • Understand idiomatic expressions and be able to share these treasures… while speaking flawless French!

Days and hours:

Semester Extensive Course
(40 hours total):

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From 07 September 2024 to 18 January 2025 (40h)

10:30 am to 1:00 pm

€ 310

Semester Intensive Evening Course
(21 hours total):

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From 09 September to 16 December 2024 (21h)


7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

€ 190

Teaching materials

A full screen vivid presentation with many pictures and videos, and at the end of each course, a complete summary with many links to explore historical and fiction videos.

All class material is provided by the teacher.

Practical information

Duration of each class:

2.5 hours.

Course with Zoom

Modality: Pedagogy adapted to videoconferencing 


Levels: B2 to C2.  

Do you know the connection between Cinderella and Louis XIV?…. What Renaissance French expression indicates that a person is too conformist? … Why the Presidents of the French Republic continue to speak of the “Gauls” (and who were they )? ….Who is the woman on the logo of the French Republic (and your official documents)?…. Our courses answer all these questions and many others!

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Attend the course following the instructions received by email.

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